Travel: Short visit to Clifton Village in Bristol

This past weekend we went to Bristol to visit family. It was a fast paced mish mash of seeing the hyper active niece, the (unfortunately) teething nephew and eating a tonne of cake with the adults.

As Monday was sunny (but really cold!) we decided to do some sight seeing as well. We went to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then up to the Clifton Observatory and finally had some tea and a snack at the Boston tea Party shop in Clifton.

Panorama from one end of the bridge

Clifton Suspension bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, spanning the picturesque Avon Gorge, is the symbol of the city of Bristol. It opened in 1864 and since then has been funded by tolls entirely.

To drive across the bridge costs £1 each way. We decided to walk across on each side to make the most of the views from the bridge. On a super windy day I swear I have felt the bridge move before, but when we went this past weekend it was nice and quiet if very cold!

You can find some more information on the history of the bridge here.

Can you spot the runner?

Clifton Observatory

The observatory has some lovely views onto the Avon gorge and the suspension bridge. For a small fee you can also see the Giant’s Cave and the Camera Obscura.

The camera obscura was installed at the top of the observatory in 1829 and gives panoramic views of the bridge and surroundings. We found it fascinating as initially we thought it would be a still image, but of course it is not and you can watch the cars cross the bridge and see dogs playing in the park. We were lucky that the sun was out. Without it, it would be hard to see the projection.

View from the Observatory onto the bridge

The Giant’s cave was a bit of a challenge for a 5 foot 10 person (me) to walk down to, but it is only a short distance and then you have a nice direct view onto the bridge. The history behind it is also quite nice. I won’t spoil it here. 🙂


Boston Tea Party

For some tea and a snack we went to the Boston Tea Party shop in Clifton. I have never been to any of these before and I am not sure if they are a chain or not.

The cakes looked amazing, but we did not get to try them, even though the staff was happy to give us tasters for free, but we had cake to eat with the family at home.

We ordered some Roiboos tea and as we just wanted a snack ordered one of the breakfast options, which was their take on a hash with poached eggs and mushrooms. They happily gave us 2 plates so we could share and even offered to split the portion evenly.

The food was tasty and the mushrooms were delicious. Which if you knew me 10 years ago is an odd thing for me to say. I used to not eat mushrooms ever, but now appreciate them in certain meals.

The service was great and they seemed very nice. Their milkshakes and smoothies also looked amazing. We may need to try them in the summer.

Don’t you just love autumn?

Question: Have you ever been to Bristol? If so, do you have a favourite area, cafe or shop?




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