Make your own: Pinafore dress

You may have seen my travel post about our trip to Bristol, yesterday.

Well while there in the cafe I spotted this awesome Pinafore dress. I LOVE dinosaurs and always have. It was actually quite funny because I thought she was wearing dungarees, like my friend’s little boy was who I only saw a couple of days before.

But when she left I noticed it was a dress and quickly searched for it and found that it was from Run & Fly clothing. You can see it here.


Now a confession, I have never in my adult life worn dungarees or a pinafore dress. But this dress will not leave my mind.

I also love the idea of trying to make one myself, so I created an inspiration board here on pinterest.

My Pinafore Pinterest Board


The original uses corduroy. Luckily my local fabric store has a lot of beautiful corduroy in store right now. You can see them online at

If you fancy corduroy with some prints, the eternal maker has a small collection here and fancy moon has some awesome robot print.

For denim and denim prints Abakhan has a nice selection.



There seem to be a few available at the moment. Simply Sewing had a free patter with their September issue.

Or you could adjust these dungarees. Or there is this one by Jennifer, the Ivy. But my favourite option is this by Pauline Alice. Pauline provided a tutorial on how to turn the pattern into a pinafore dress.

Also if you are serious, Karen from Didyoumakethat has a great post on how to attach the metal buttons.

Happy Sewing!

EDIT: Since writing this post in its first draft Tilly and the buttons released a pinafore pattern and posted an amazing inspiration post here.

Question: Have you made dungarees or a pinafore? Was it a success?


2 thoughts on “Make your own: Pinafore dress

    1. That’s awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out. I found a pattern in my collection from love sewing magazine so will give that a go and then see what I think of dungarees/pinafore type dress. I’ll keep everyone posted. 🙂

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