Knitting: The ‘perfect’ wrap

The wrap that was meant to be perfect.

I started this wrap in March. I’m still not finished and I’ve completed more complicated and bigger projects since.


This is the gradient wrap by purl soho and is free. I was inspired to make a monochrome wrap in super soft woolfolk yarn. I spent ages doing the maths and working out the colour combinations. I had planned the gradient flows and made adjustments to fit the yarn amount and colours I had available.

I kept picking the wrap up in between projects slowly progressing along and then suddenly a few weeks ago I just wanted it done and started to be more free. I now just knit, don’t care about the order and just knit until one of the double help colours stops.

I have knitted this all over the UK
The project often is seen on my commute knitting

And actually I quite like the effect. There is something freeing about doing your own thing and not being bound by the pattern but rather getting inspired by it.

I have progressed much faster and actually like the contrast of the regular panels with these random ones. I’m determiners to finish it even though it is not perfect by all means but it’s my creation and has a bit of me in it. 🙂

Hopefully I can share the finished project before end of 2016. 

Question: do you have a project that was meant to be perfect and just went off piste? 


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