Travel: Manchester impressions


I really cannot claim to have travelled around Manchester much, but I got to go twice in the last 6 weeks or so due to work related events.

The first time I spoke at a software testing conference which was held at The Lowry located in the media city part.

This was quite pretty (helped by the sunshine) and had a few interesting buildings as well such as Imperial war museum.

My talk was on a Friday and we basically stayed the whole day in the Lowry building. The end of the conference was held in the exhibition part where we could admire the paintings. I liked the rough industrial edge to them.


Then funnily enough the time we went to Bristol I noticed that my boyfriend’s dad has a print of one of the industrial scenes in his kitchen!

On the Saturday we strolled round the water and and looked at the Blue Peter Garden and tried to find a way into the set of Coronation street, but no luck! 



We then stocked up on chocolate at the Cadbury’s outlet … not on Cadbury’s mind you! Milka was the real bargain. 🙂

Now the second time that I visited Manchester was this past week and I stayed near the main station. I was in a Premier Inn and there really isn’t much to say about these. They have a decent quality and are normally well located. This one especially was 5 minutes walk from the station and 10 minutes walk from where I attended a mobile testing workshop.

What I really want to rave about though was the cafe I went to in the morning. I am not a big fan of Premier Inn breakfasts or their coffee so had a quick look on yelp and found a cafe with good ratings nearby called Takk.

I know this means Thank you in Norwegian and Icelandic so had high hopes. And I wasn’t disappointed. The coffee was lovely and the breakfast amazing.


I loved the painting of the Iceland on the wall as well. This is rumoured to get painted over but I am glad I saw it.


On my way to the workshop I walked past another 3 coffee shops I would have loved to have tried.

Manchester I’ll be back!


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