Running: AdventRunning Week 1

Oh dear, my first week has not been too great especially if you count how little I ran.

And I had such high hopes here.

Dec 1: 30 minutes Yoga – I was travelling in Manchester.

Dec 2: Commute run – I fell over for the first time ever and hurt my knee and left side of my chest. I ran with a heavy side loaded bag and just fell really awkwardly.

Dec 3: 7km walk to town and back.

Dec 4: Rest day – I was really feeling my bruises that day.

Dec 5: Commute run times 2 adding up to 6km.

Dec 6: Commute run times 1 and attempted yoga. I really felt something give in my upper left side of my chest and it hurt so bad I felt sick. I decided to rest instead.

Dec 7: No run or yoga. I had planned to run but I think I have actually cracked the ribs under my breast on the lefthand side. I am in horrible pain and cannot breathe. 😦 Let’s see what the doc says tomorrow.

I hope you are doing better than me. 🙂 Go Team Adventrunning!

I’ll be back with an update next week!.


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