Running: Corralejo in Fuerteventura

As I mentioned, I attempted advent running this year but injured myself early on. This was a lot worse than I anticipated.

This unfortunately meant that I did not manage to achieve my goals for advent running. Did you finish the advent runs?

What I did manage to do though was run on holiday. We went away over Christmas to one of the Canary Islands. I didn’t really know what to expect weather wise, apart from windy, but it was also warm and sunny, unless you ended up in the shade with the wind cooling you down.

This actually made for good running weather and I saw a lot of runners every day going through the streets, making me want to try it too.

Running in Corralejo

Corralejo is in the north of Fuerteventura. It is popular with wind surfers and kite surfers. There is a nature reserve, referred to as flag beach. This stands out because it has white sand on a otherwise volcanic landscape.

Running on sand however is not ideal, unless you want a proper work out, but there is a relatively stable and not too rocky path next to the road, that many runners used.

A lot of the town is well lit and has good paved paths as well.

Also do not be put off by the wind. It looks like it is not fun to run in but actually it cools you down and as it is constant you get a good rhythm going. In my hometown there are often gusts which are really annoying to run into.

Here are some routes I took. This was a 11km route followed by a 6km route below.


It was worth getting up early to do a run as it was not that warm yet (definitely still t-shirt and shorts weather though), the winds were not as bad and the sunrises were awesome!

And other tourists are not ambling the roads yet so it is easy to explore the town and some of the side roads without bumping into people.

For motivation here are some of the pictures I took while out running.



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