Knitting: Wing-it topdown class

How is it end of January already?

I haven’t really done the end of 2016 blog posts or anything like that but if you are interested in my knitting, you can see my makes here. I finished 19 things and I even completed my cowl from this post, and it did end up being perfect. I wore it non stop for 2 weeks before putting it aside to be blocked! haha! Bad knitter!

One of my main resolutions for 2017 is to go to more crafty things. Brighton has a weekly knit night at the lovely yarn shop called YAK, for example that I want to go to more. But with that resolution I decided to book what looked like a super interesting and fun class to kick start 2017, namely Anna Maltz’ top down jumper class incorporating colour work.

The class was held in London at Wild and Wooly, which is a great yarn shop. (I nearly bought all the Lettlopi!) It was an evening class over 2 weeks, which gave us time to go away start knitting and come up with questions and make mistakes to rectify the week after.

What I loved about this is that you do not have a pattern. You take your measurements, have your swatch ready and then make your jumper based on this and throw in random colour work patterns.

The maths can seem like a scary part but I would not let it put you off. You can always rip back. I did have to. I got my arm circumference completely wrong and had to rip back to where I separated the body. But this is fine and all part of the learning.

Mine looks a bit like this at the moment.


In my head I have already made several cardigans and other jumpers like this. The beauty of the technique is that you don’t need a sweater load of yarn anymore. You can make a jumper out of all the leftovers or random single balls you have providing they are a similar weight.

Need some more inspiration? There are some great examples on Anna’s Ravelry, here and here. Also on revelry using the hashtag #wingittopdown.

If you get the chance to do this class you really can’t go wrong. Part of the fun is seeing what everyone else comes up with as well. 🙂

A goal of mine is to get through my stash, well parts of it, before buying more yarn and this approach means I will even get some jumpers out of it rather than a million and 1 hats. Haha!

To make my designs so far I used  150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs as a guide for stitch patterns. Others in the class made theirs up completely.

I can’t wait to finish this and see how it actually turned out!

Question:Have you booked any knitting classes this year?






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