Knitting: as therapy

Knitting has been therapy for me. There are a lot of articles about knitting being relaxing, the click clack if the needles providing a soothing rhythm to an otherwise hectic life.

I knit when I commute. It focuses my mind and helps me relax at the end of the day to process the manic London work life. I grew up in the country side and going back and forth to London is exhausting for me. On the weekends I often just want to hide in my craft room/office and not talk to anyone. 

Knitting is also creative, can be challenging and you make something like a 3D garment out of string. Which is kinda like magic. 🙂

Recently I had to go home to my parents and help out as my dad needed an operation. The hospital was around 45-50min drive one way and I was designated driver, which is fine. Once I knew I was going and staying with them for at least a week I packed so much yarn in fear of running out. Needless to say I started 2 projects but had yarn for 4, including enough for a jumper. I was so petrified I would just have to wait around and deal with my worry that I’d rather over pack. Maybe I rely on knitting too much to get me through tough times. 

Do you use knitting simply for creativity and crafting or has it a special meaning for you? 


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