Knitting: Wing-it top down completed

At the beginning of the year I did a class with Anna Maltz that I talked about here.

The idea was that you make a jumper from the top down in the round based on a swatch and your own measurements. It was also a great introduction to colour work, but I never worked more than 2 colours at a time.

IMG_8569 2

Pre-blocked. IMG_4517

The project was very interesting and creative. I loved the freeing aspect of not following a pattern and choosing designs based on stitch counts and what random balls of yarn I had left.

My finished jumper has several types of yarn. BFL, Merino, a merino and silk blend and some home spun yarn from a friend. Even though I feel it works. I love the sturdy slightly rough nature of the BFL contrasting with the soft merino.

My favourite bits are the colour changing properties of the BFL, on the arms it looks almost self striping, the cat motif of course, because it is knit in my friend’s home spun yarn and it is cats!

I have since heard it being described as, awesome, hard work, creative, interesting (not sure which kind) and also odd. The weather has started to warm up but I can wear it as outer wear and it makes me so happy. It isn’t without its faults though. There are a few things I’d do differently.

IMG_8672 3

Currently the back has a seam line along it where you can see the colour work rows starting and finishing. I think I would move this to the side another time. For the sleeve cuffs I seem to have used different needle sizes, I used the one I wrote down for the second sleeve but I must have misread the size. Luckily this mostly blocked out.

I actually have enough yarn for at least one more in similar colours, so there may be more wing it top downs in my future. 🙂



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