Sewing: Merchant and Mills Fielder dress

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Rye with members of the knitting group from YAK in Brighton.

It was a lovely Friday. We took the train to Rye and knitted all the way. I get a bit nervous about social interactions but everyone is so lovely and welcoming and I had a blast.

The main purpose of the trip, apart from knitting in public together, was to go to the Merchant and Mills store and marvel at all the fabrics, try on the samples and oogle the many accessories.

I must say their linen’s are divine. I have never made one of their patterns but I tried on the fielder dress in the store in a gorgeous aubergine/dark red linen with matching cotton ribbing. Needless to say I bought all the bits and pieces to copy this sample.

The fielder dress pattern is very roomy. My other half keeps asking why I make these bag dresses but they are comfy, and quick to make. Not a lot of fitting to think about and also not a lot of pieces to cut.

One of my favourite design details of the fielder dress, which you cannot see on the line drawings, is a dart in the sleeve. This creates a lovely shape and the sleeves fit really nicely.

I was doubtful about the general shape and the 3/4 length sleeves but I love all of it now.

Before I made the linen version I also made a version using very light denim, maybe chambray, I cannot remember. I accented it with grey cotton ribbing I got from Ditto Fabrics a while back. The fabric is a bit stiffer than the linen but the silhouette still works I think.

Have you made the fielder dress?


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