Knitting: as therapy 2

I previously wrote about the subject of “Knitting as therapy”. It is a subject close to my heart and I find that I more often see any sort of craft being used as therapy. Something to help focus the mind so you “forget” about your anxiousness or depression for a little while, or can process certain events.

Knitting on the ferry
Knitting on the ferry home on our holiday


This past week while on holiday I have noticed how I use knitting like that. A moment to escape the every day life madness, a moment to distress, to reflect. It actually bothers me when I for some reason cannot knit, hence I bring it everywhere just in case I can squeeze in a row or two.

A few weeks ago I was talking about an upsetting and distressing situation to my other half and then in a break in the conversation I picked up my knitting and started knitting. He just stared at me and asked “are you stress knitting?”.

I don’t think others sometimes realise that it is more than just making a pair of socks, a hat, or jumper. I am definitely a process knitter. I love the learning aspect and feeling like I accomplished something, but in the process I gain so much more. A moment of calm.



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