Running: Struggling to run


I am trying to do a running challenge of running 1000 miles in a year. The most I have ever done was just under 600km, this means I need to run 1000km more in a year! Very daunting.

The first quarter went well. I was on target, smashing personal records and I felt inspired and good. Then June happened. I had 2 weeks holiday, 1 at the beginning and one at the end. This disrupted my flow and routine and I just got down about it. Why is it that running is such a mentality rather than physical thing? It drives me mad. I always knew the summer months would be the hardest as I struggle in the heat when I am not moving. My heart rate is through the rough and I can’t breathe as soon as it hits 12 degrees.

I am now in July and about 2 weeks worth of running behind. This is a bit frustrating but I am trying to think that in autumn and winter I can claw back some miles and do longer runs in the morning to work or even at lunchtime. The worst thing in the meantime though is to try and not give up and also to stay motivated. Running makes me feel so much better and I feel like life is more manageable when I am running but I can’t make myself go out as much as I need to. On top of that I added the pressure of feeling good at the end of the month which is my birthday. Argh. When does it start that we just accept ourselves and focus on our achievements rather than shortcomings?

One thing I have managed though is to not worry about other people while running. I will go out now with moderately hairy legs out, sometimes I tuck my thsirt into my bra and show my flabby pale mid riff while running.

Here is to still making 1000 miles and stopping self sabotaging my running.


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