Trying something new – moving blog

When I started this blog I just wanted to write random ramblings again.

Then last week i became inspired to try something a bit more focused and new and came up with “Wool Principle“. I will continue my blogging over there regarding anything craft and especially knitting related. 


Running update

Do you ever lose your running mojo and energy? I feel completely drained and I know running will make me feel better but for some reason I just can’t. It is really weird.

I talked about struggling to run here before and since have made it to 1000km and am now on 1200km. This feels amazing as managing to run that much is more than 100% increase in my yearly mileage but there is still the question of “can I make it 1000 miles?”. 1000 miles would be roughly 1600km and running that much in what is barely 40 days is overwhelming.

When I haven’t run in a few days I get super worried that I cannot run anymore and I set ridiculous high expectations such as “I need to run 10km” or “I need to run really fast”. Not sure why I do that to myself.

I have been recording my walking to work too in an attempt to still make it to 1000 miles this year. I don’t feel like this is cheating as I am wearing down my trainers and it is a good 30 mins power walk and I am saving money not taking the bus. Every little step helps.

I need to remember what I have achieved this year:

  • Ran 5 km in under 25 mins
  • Ran 12km in one go
  • I have run all over the world on all but 1 holiday.

Most recently I ran in Philadelphia and as part of a morning group run as part of a software testing conference too. I try to motivate myself to make new experiences but this thing of making it to 1000 miles is still super daunting, but who knows maybe I can do it?


Some pics for motivation!

Running: Struggling to run


I am trying to do a running challenge of running 1000 miles in a year. The most I have ever done was just under 600km, this means I need to run 1000km more in a year! Very daunting.

The first quarter went well. I was on target, smashing personal records and I felt inspired and good. Then June happened. I had 2 weeks holiday, 1 at the beginning and one at the end. This disrupted my flow and routine and I just got down about it. Why is it that running is such a mentality rather than physical thing? It drives me mad. I always knew the summer months would be the hardest as I struggle in the heat when I am not moving. My heart rate is through the rough and I can’t breathe as soon as it hits 12 degrees.

I am now in July and about 2 weeks worth of running behind. This is a bit frustrating but I am trying to think that in autumn and winter I can claw back some miles and do longer runs in the morning to work or even at lunchtime. The worst thing in the meantime though is to try and not give up and also to stay motivated. Running makes me feel so much better and I feel like life is more manageable when I am running but I can’t make myself go out as much as I need to. On top of that I added the pressure of feeling good at the end of the month which is my birthday. Argh. When does it start that we just accept ourselves and focus on our achievements rather than shortcomings?

One thing I have managed though is to not worry about other people while running. I will go out now with moderately hairy legs out, sometimes I tuck my thsirt into my bra and show my flabby pale mid riff while running.

Here is to still making 1000 miles and stopping self sabotaging my running.

Running: Corralejo in Fuerteventura

As I mentioned, I attempted advent running this year but injured myself early on. This was a lot worse than I anticipated.

This unfortunately meant that I did not manage to achieve my goals for advent running. Did you finish the advent runs?

What I did manage to do though was run on holiday. We went away over Christmas to one of the Canary Islands. I didn’t really know what to expect weather wise, apart from windy, but it was also warm and sunny, unless you ended up in the shade with the wind cooling you down.

This actually made for good running weather and I saw a lot of runners every day going through the streets, making me want to try it too.

Running in Corralejo

Corralejo is in the north of Fuerteventura. It is popular with wind surfers and kite surfers. There is a nature reserve, referred to as flag beach. This stands out because it has white sand on a otherwise volcanic landscape.

Running on sand however is not ideal, unless you want a proper work out, but there is a relatively stable and not too rocky path next to the road, that many runners used.

A lot of the town is well lit and has good paved paths as well.

Also do not be put off by the wind. It looks like it is not fun to run in but actually it cools you down and as it is constant you get a good rhythm going. In my hometown there are often gusts which are really annoying to run into.

Here are some routes I took. This was a 11km route followed by a 6km route below.


It was worth getting up early to do a run as it was not that warm yet (definitely still t-shirt and shorts weather though), the winds were not as bad and the sunrises were awesome!

And other tourists are not ambling the roads yet so it is easy to explore the town and some of the side roads without bumping into people.

For motivation here are some of the pictures I took while out running.


Running: AdventRunning Week 1

Oh dear, my first week has not been too great especially if you count how little I ran.

And I had such high hopes here.

Dec 1: 30 minutes Yoga – I was travelling in Manchester.

Dec 2: Commute run – I fell over for the first time ever and hurt my knee and left side of my chest. I ran with a heavy side loaded bag and just fell really awkwardly.

Dec 3: 7km walk to town and back.

Dec 4: Rest day – I was really feeling my bruises that day.

Dec 5: Commute run times 2 adding up to 6km.

Dec 6: Commute run times 1 and attempted yoga. I really felt something give in my upper left side of my chest and it hurt so bad I felt sick. I decided to rest instead.

Dec 7: No run or yoga. I had planned to run but I think I have actually cracked the ribs under my breast on the lefthand side. I am in horrible pain and cannot breathe. 😦 Let’s see what the doc says tomorrow.

I hope you are doing better than me. 🙂 Go Team Adventrunning!

I’ll be back with an update next week!.

Running: Adventrunning

Have you heard of Adventrunning?

The aim is to run (or swim, cycle, do yoga – it doesn’t matter as long as you are getting active) for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, each day, between the 1st and the 25th of December.

I attempted the challenge last year with running and yoga. I think I did OK but definitely did not hit the 25 days. I did run on Christmas eve and Christmas day though which felt great! Unfortunately I only have a record of my running and not my yoga days but I ran 11 times in December.




Thinking about December appearing again I thought I would look into the data and see what  achieved last year and whether to try advent running again. Last November I ran in terms of time 1 hour. In December it was 6 hours! The challenge certainly motivated me! I even completed another 10km run that same month. (Ignore the amount of activities. Some days I ran twice as I was commuting)

Here are my total stats for the month that I want to try and beat in terms of kilometres and days run. So I would like to try and run for 14 days and do other exercise the other 11 days and run further than 64 km. This serves me reaching my other personal goal of running 600 km in total this year. 🙂


To finish a couple of running pics from last year!

Question: Are you going to join the advent running challenge? Remember it is about being active in whatever way suits you!

P.S.: For more info on advent running go to their awesome Q&A.

Double rainbow – technically taken on 29th december
It was muddy!

Winter sun




Running: Intro and Trimley Marshes

I started running about 18 months ago now. It serves a few purposes for myself:

  1. Regular exercise (maybe obvious)
  2. Managing stress
  3. Managing depressive episodes
  4. Getting time in green spaces/outside

Recently I did a talk on positive psychology as part of my career development and during the research I found some great tips on becoming more positive.

One of the most important things for mental health and well being is to get regular exercise. This does not mean that you need to become a marathon runner, athlete or so to get the benefits. Even just a 20-30 minute walk can have enormous positive effects for yourself.

I certainly am not a marathon runner, but I love going for a run and stretching afterwards. This can be after 15 minutes of running or even up to an hour (I am yet to run longer).

One thing I really struggled with when I first started to run was feeling inadequate. I was slow (still am), needed lots of breaks (still do if I run longer than 15 minutes) and thought everyone was judging me.

Now think though, when you see runners, do you judge them for running, then walking, being slow, fast or so? You may not even notice them because if we like it or not we are all more self absorbed  than we would like to admin. 🙂

So I would say just go out and go for a lovely walk or run. Whatever you feel up to that day.

And if you want to make it even more fun, why not sew some of your own running gear for it? Fehrtrade has some great patterns.

I personally would love to make some of the Jalie patterns, like the Cora tights. For more inspiration check out this post as well.

And for fabric and notion advice for making activewear, scour through Fehrtrade’s blog, she has great advice and tutorials. One great one for notions is here and for fabric here.

Trimley Marshes

My parents live in Suffolk and near them is a little countryside area called the Trimley Nature Reserve and Trimley Marshes.

This morning it was beautiful but cold. Nevertheless I laced up my running shoes and gave it my best shot. I have been struggling with a chest infection for 4 weeks now, but it is finally getting better.

It did get muddy and slippery but I did my fastest 3km yet and then slowed down but managed to run the furthest I have in many weeks in one go which felt great. I certainly feel like I earned the 2 biscuits I just ate. 😛

Question: How do you exercise? Or how do you manage your stress levels?